About Us

We are a digital media brand with 15 million monthly Facebook views. A loyal fanbase that has helped us rack up over 200 million Facebook views since our launch in 2016.

At the Red Duck Post we focus on developing positive social media videos related to food, animals and cultural events in Asia.


These days millennial’s receive 70% of their news through social media. We create digital media for a Facebook audience hungry for around the clock mobile content.


On a monthly basis we receive roughly 15 million views on our natively uploaded videos. We aim to grow our presence and expand our reach as digital media develops.

How we Work

  • iconContent Discovery
  • iconVideo Production
  • iconSocial Media Distribution
  • iconInfluencer Marketing
By the Numbers
icon 250M Video Views
icon 500M Facebook News Feeds reached
icon 85M Social Interactions

Most Popular Videos

Corporate Information

  • Company Name

    Red Duck Post K.K.

  • Business

    Digital Media, Social Media, Internet Advertising

  • Tokyo Office

    5F GYB Akihabara Building, 2-25 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 104-0041, Japan

  • Founded

    November 2017

  • Representative

    Yuko Mukai

  • Contact Contact Us Today

Our Team:

team Anthony Desmond
team Curtis Guy
team Bas Boshuizen
team Lauren Jones
team Victor Calderon
team Betsy Green
team Kate Benzin
team Yuko Mukai
team Gaurav Gupta
team Mina Onuma
team Sander de Graaff
Newton’s law social media
For every action there is an equal and apposite reaction, plus a social media overreaction.
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